Finally a bodysuit that makes bathroom breaks a breeze.

How It Works


Our snap is strategically placed at the low back for easy access and comfort

Pull Down

the built-in thong is sewn at the sides, and stretchy enough to pull out and over your bum

Sit & Pee

You can sit on the toilet with the lace thong pulled forward, and comfortably sit on the toilet

How Is This Different Than Other Bodysuits?

No Crotch Snaps

No Side Swipe

No Naked Squatting

If the bodysuit comes with snaps at the base, you can undo them to go to the bathroom. (This is true!) However the process of getting the snaps back in place can be awkward and messy.

You other options are to either fully remove the bodysuit to go pee, or try a cheeky method of pulling the gusset to the side.

Going to pee in a bodysuit is actually very brutal, and leaves you feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable with the snaps and full-frontal nudity. Which is why ours are different!

Here's what our customers are saying

Fits like a glove, goes with everything, and don’t have to get nude to pee!!!

Ellen H.

The material alone is worthy of the 5-star rating, but the pull-back-and-pee method is what makes it so awesome. No more awkward crotch buttons or getting fully naked to pee.

Emma B.

At 5'6 the medium fits me like a glove. Also, the thong bum is revolutionary. No more naked bathroom breaks for me!

Anne B.

It's the only bodysuit you need.

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